Tuesday, 24 September 2013

FAVORITES: September '13

Happy autumn, all!

This year has been pretty kick-ass so far, and the first month of school has flown right by! Here are some things that made the time ultra great:

Fashion / Beauty:
The fashion/beauty section is a little small this month. I haven't gotten much, well I have, but not anything super noteworthy. Except for these few things.

So, I'd say in the middle of the month, I received my very first Unif purchase! I'm so glad I not only 
a) waited for the perfect camo jacket/didn't give into the cheap ones at Urban that didn't fit me right and
 b) waited to splurge on Unif when it was something I knew I would wear the shit out of. 
I absolutely, positively, 100% LOVE this jacket. Everything from the cut to the print to the material is divine. I've been wearing it more than any of my other jackets, that's for sure! To my surprise, I haven't seen many people with it. So that's kind of good. But yes! L O V E. (although it really sucks that it went down to 70$ after I payed 120$ for it.. umph)

Another thing that happened around that time, is that I CHOPPED ALL OF MY HAIR OFF! Well, not all of it, but a damn good amount! I honestly have never felt so free. I still love it. Although it's much trickier to leave natural than long hair, it feels healthier, and is a lot more manageable. I feel pretty sophisticated now as well. One of the better decisions I've made in the past few weeks, for sure!

Music / TV:
After watching Corinne Bailey Rae's episode of Live From The Artists Den, I knew I wouldn't stop listening to her album 'The Sea' for a while. The entire thing is just phenomenal. It's chill, it's sexy, it's sophisticated, it's ahhhhh. It was a pleasant surprise as well considering I thought all she had to offer was Put Your Records On from childhood singalong times. I WAS SO WRONG. I still can't turn it off. In fact, I'm listening to 'The Sea' as I write this. Hot.

Along with that, another pleasant surprise was that Arcade Fire is back in action with a new album, 'Reflektor', set to release at the end of October. The album-titled single dropped a few weeks ago, and that's another one I cannot seem to turn off! I've become a major lover of modern disco. This song is the definition of it, but of course with the classic AF sound. So. Perfect. Although it's almost 8 minutes long, I stay engaged the entire time. I'd even go on to say that the end is my favorite part! Give it a listen, it's fantastic. 

Now this is where I've got a buttload of stuff to share. 

Making my weekly stop by David's Tea, I decided to drop into Coles to purchase Leandra Medine's new book. As per usual, they didn't have what I went in for. Usually, I would freak out internally, and then leave the store to get some poutine to raise my spirits, but not this time. I walked by a shelf, and on that shelf was what would be my new favorite series: The Carrie Diaries. Maybe it was fate that Man Repeller wasn't available at that location, because this couldn't have come at a better time. I'm a senior in high school, so is Carrie, we match. It's awesome. Can you say perfect timing? Still blows me away. Not to mention I still have yet to delve into the whole Sex And The City empire. I've been wanting too, but haven't really had the time to search the depths of the sea for episodes online let alone travel to the bookstore to search around for the first book in the series. I love it. 

Next on the list would be my favorite drinks. 

I think it goes without saying David's Tea is a major favorite, right? Hahaha. I won't even go there again. You all know the drill by now, I'm sure. 

A newer favorite drink I have would be Twisted Tea. It's an iced tea flavoured malt beer. Cheap. Tastes good. That's all I really have to say about it!

 At the beginning of the month, I had read a post from Lauren Rose about high school and what not, and I was super inspired to take my senior year and all of the experiences I encounter and make them into an art project in the form of a journal. I guess you could say it's turned into a collection of sorts. It's already loaded, and I can't wait until the whole thing is filled so I can make a volume 2. 

Lastly, I've included Celia of Ceedling on Youtube as well as her blog. Her, the writers of Rookie and Lauren Rose have both really opened my eyes as to what feminism really is, and kind of took my scaredy-cat feelings about following feminism and threw them in the garbage. They've taken the sometimes radical practice and made it something that's understandable and respectable for younger girls to really support/pay attention to. Their posts and talks and whatever else really make sense to me, and have given me a new perspective on women's rights/what it is to be a gal. Which is nice, because at this time it seems to be a prominent topic in many of my classes this semester. Thanks guys!! You all rock!!

I hope you all are enjoying your cozy time. Maybe try a few of these out and leave me a comment on what you think about these things/what you think I should try! I'd really like this to be a two way thang, where I show you all what I'm enjoying, and you also show me what you've been lovin' so I can try it! :)
Later days, 

LINKS (Click to explore!!):


Corinne Bailey Rae

Arcade Fire


OOTD: The First Day Of Autumn

The outfit I wore on the first day of autumn. Boy, was it beautiful out!
Outfit: Dress- Forever 21
Jacket- Unif x Urban Outfitters "Tiger Yell" jacket
Whatever else- Boots (Doc Marten 1460s), Scarf (Makayla's from Aldo), Earrings (Forever 21)
Makeup:Eyes- Urban Decay Primer Potion, Revlon liquid eyeliner, and Benefit's Bad Gal Lash
Lips- Rosebud Salve from Sephora
Face- Imperialis lotion from Lush
Hope everyone is well! Go out and enjoy this beautiful weather, as it won't last too too long!!
Keep it cool,

Thursday, 12 September 2013

FOR YOUR EARS: "Falling Back" Mix

Aka songs that make me feel warm and fuzzy as it begins to cool down.

 Listen to it on 8tracks by clicking HERE!

Friday, 6 September 2013

FAVORITES: 5 YouTube Channels for September '13

Today, I will be highlighting those who teach me things via Youtube each day. Seriously, I watch multiple videos daily, and it's becoming quite the addiction. This post will basically be a rant about all of the people whose videos I most enjoy. Fangirl sesh round two. 

(I'll link my favorite videos from each)

Buckle your seat belts.


stylelikeu is a channel that basically does a bunch of interviews and roundtable discussions in hopes of redefining fashion as well as personal style. What I LOVE about this channel is the pure passion that is put into what these people do, and how they present themselves. The videos are so aesthetically pleasing and wholesome, which I think is pretty amazing to see in combination. I feel like I'm actually learning something valuable when watching these videos, as oppose to feeling like I just slipped out of a 8 minute long daze. It's great. Not to mention the guests they feature.. oh man. Phenomenal. 


LaMadelynn is the personal style channel of Madelynn, a gentle yet stylish gal who seriously embodies what it is to be precious. I stumbled across her channel about 2 months ago, and after 20 seconds of the first video, I was hooked! What started as watching a few videos, quickly escalated into spending hours upon hours watching tutorials on how to add heart shaped elbow patches onto your favorite cardigan, and weekend outfit montages. The simplicity of her style is really what makes her special. She doesn't need extravagant, designer items to make her stand out, and her natural beauty is that of Alexa Chung. I don't know. I just love her videos so much!

Look TV (more specifically Victoria Floethe)

Look TV, for me, is really hit or miss. They either hit it right on the nose, or completely miss. Same goes for Victoria's contributions to the channel. I don't know if it's her personal choices that bring things like "Victoria's Seven Secrets" to life, or if it's the producers behind the channel, but that is a HUGE miss in my opinion. That whole segment is the definition of wrong to me. The advice she gives comes off as superficial and I feel is part of an awful set of ideas that give young girls the notion that there's a specific space that you need to fill as a girl in the love world; be it having the guy pay, going about breaking up with someone in a certain "girly" way, as well as things you can't say while on a date. (WHICH, actually angered me deeply, on account of being a human and having things you want to say as they come to you/ don't feel it's necessary to hold in for the sake of a completely fabricated image of perfection.)

BUT, aside from that, I find her travel videos/shoe obsession videos incredibly well thought out, well spoken, and beautifully filmed. There's something about her as a person that intrigues me. Could it be the fact that she owns that pretty little jewel toned Stella McCartney clutch I need ever so much? Could it be that she travels the world more than once a year? I don't really know. But when she nails it, she really nails it.


ragsonragstv is a duo from Vancouver (EEEEEE!) who gave black clothing a new purpose in my mind. They can seriously compose all-black-everything outfits, using texture as a tool, and make them look killer. There's a small element of comedy in each of their videos, which I've come to appreciate lately. I know Jenn Im gave them a little shoutout, which was nice, because these girls need the recognition. They could really be big I think. Props to them being in Canada and actually making it kinda big (so far)!! They're just super cool human beings. 

Lauren Rose (aka justacurbsideprophet)

Although last, not at all least by any means, we have Lauren Rose of justacurbsideprophet. I think she repurposed the word 'rolemodel' to me. She really is someone to look up to in many aspects of teenage life. Something to really appreciate about what she does is that it's all organic, no bs. If she's in a slump, she'll let you know. YouTube doesn't dictate her thoughts, and neither do hateful people because her fan base is honestly the most supportive I've seen, and I totally understand why. She takes this common misconception of being a beauty guru, where the youtuber is the star and everyone else is just a peasant living vicariously through the Bobby Brown eyeshadows the guru got for christmas, and rips it to shreds. Her channel is an environment where we are all equal and able to share thoughts and ideas, and I respect her so much for that. Along with having a great atmosphere, her channel is home to some of the coolest thrift hauls/deep chit chats on all of YouTube. She takes the seemingly one dimensional world of making discussion videos, and opens your eyes to things you'd have never thought about in a kind and respectful way. She has a blog too, which I'll link down below. But yeah, she's definitely always been one of my top top favorites. 

You should all definitely check some of these channels out. I know they won't disappoint!
More importantly, be kind 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

(LIFE)STYLE: A Bunch Of Fangirling Over David's Tea's Fall Collection


So in lieu of watching a good movie, buying myself a Longchamps bag or indulging in a good piece of cheesecake (or 5..), I bought myself David's Tea as a reward for keeping myself on track so far this year in all my classes. I know it's only the second week, but this isn't only about not dropping the ball so far, it's a reminder that I need to keep it up. Usually by this time I'm already procrastinating getting all of my work done and getting into the annual winter slump that seriously drags me down so badly every. single. year. 

So yeah. This is basically going to act like a small treat to keep me motivated and goal oriented for senior year, along with a mixture of other things I accumulate over the months ahead. 

You know, like when I have 3 assignments due, I'll get them done by making a list, and each time I check one off, I can indulge in a cup of warmth and comfort that is this collection of teas. 

To talk about the teas themselves more, I've really only tasted 3 of them so far. The other two I have yet to open. 

When I went into the store with Makayla and Denys (mes amis), last week, we were approached upon entering about if we liked pistachios or not. We all love pistachios. So Andrew, the sunny David's Tea employee went back to rustle us up a sample of Pistachio Cream, which is a mulberry leaf tea. I wasn't expecting it too be all that good for some reason, but was I ever wrong! 

I don't know why I continuously doubt David's Tea, because it consistently proves me wrong. 

The second one I tried was the Pumpkin Chai black tea. Man, what a treat! It's like a liquid hug for your insides. Everything you dream of when you picture autumn is what this tea embodies perfectly. We were meant to be. I give it a 2000/10 ^_^

I then went for Mom's Apple Pie green tea. Which is a very simple tea, but yet again, SO GOOD. I'm a sucker for anything apple/cinnamon flavoured, so I really took a liking to this one. 

Along with those ones, there are two others included: Cocoberry and Sugar and Spice. I can't wait to try them!

Aside from the actual tea, I purchased some vanilla flavoured agave syrup. Best. decision. ever. If you're not a big fan of using honey to sweeten your drinks/food, and you'd like a more natural alternative to plain sugar, this would certainly serve you well! They carry other flavours like blueberry and raspberry along with just plain with no flavouring, however I thought the vanilla would compliment the teas that I purchased this time wonderfully. 

The employee who took my payment said she uses it on her pancakes too! I may have to use that idea.. Sounds scrumptious!

Anyway, I've managed to write more on a 5 tea sample collection than I've been able to on many other things. You all should totally go try some! It's SO worth it.

Be kind, 

Monday, 2 September 2013

FOR YOUR EARS: An Ode To Summer Mix

"An Ode To Summer '13"

As it is the first weekend after going back to school, I've curated this mix as a final ode to this wonderful summer that we've just finished. It's been real. Autumn, here we come!

Click HERE to enjoy it on 8tracks!!

Good luck to everyone going back to school!
Hope this week treats you all well,